Advanced Parking Guidance System

I just returned from leading a spring break trip for college students. We spent seven days observing and discussing the myriad ways people search for elements of what Christians call Heaven. Of course, the fullness of our Utopian vision isn't available yet, but that doesn't stop us from searching for bits and pieces of it in the here and now.

The effective allure of advertising confirms this search, and while so many popular campaigns make promises they can't fulfill, many also offer products that bring ease into our daily routines. This print ad for the Lexus LS 460 L with the Advanced Parking Guidance System is a great example.

The text jumping back and forth across the car reads: " ...requires...doing...this."

Questions I wonder how you would answer:
1. Do you know someone who could genuinely benefit from having a car that can parallel park itself? (I can name several.)

2. Does the LS 460 L base price of $62,000 cause you to see this feature as a utility benefit or a bragging right? What if the car had a base price of $16,000?

3. Do features like this affect our ability to wait for Heaven, or are they to be celebrated as justifiable comforts along the way?


VMS master October 13, 2014 at 6:04 AM  

This is a very nice Parking Guidance System. It will helps a lot drivers in parking areas.

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