"Chase what [really] matters"

How this commercial views credit cards and what it encourages consumers to do with their hard-(un)earned money certainly prick the critic in me. But it's where I heard the spot last Saturday that accentuated its absurdity.

I was on the telephone with my father.

I could tell by the background noise that his roommate was watching TV, though this wasn't a distraction until Queen belted out, "I want it all...." I had seen the Chase ad a handful of times, so I could picture it in my head as the famous tune played. The irony of hearing and picturing the commercial in this particular location, however, is that my father is in the hospital dying of cancer and emphysema. He hadn't been out of his bed in six days.

To the Chase-holding, hypnotized consumer, "all" is whatever your card balance permits, but what is it when Death is knocking?


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