Martha's Trouble and the Accord Crosstour

Julie and I first heard Martha's Trouble at a Barnes & Noble in Erie, Pennsylvania. Their music complimented our cups of cinnamon plum tea and relaxed conversation, and we wondered how they would do for a college crowd. That question got answered over the next four or five years as Rob and Jen returned many times to visit and entertain us on campus.

Besides the good music, we always marveled at their tales of crossing the U.S./Canadian border, something that too often involved emptying and re-stuffing their equipment into a small trunk in front of time-insensitive border guards. Then they'd show up in PA and we'd empty their car for the show only to re-stuff it afterward so they could move along to the next show.

That was years ago and they're still at it. I haven't seen them in quite a while but I've been thinking about them and their trunk space lately, thanks to a clever little commercial called "Instruments" by Elastic. The first half of this TV spot for Honda's new Accord Crosstour is so visually enjoyable that I almost always forget what's being advertised in the second half. That's typically a bad thing, but I like the ad enough to pay attention. Eventually it will stick.

Would the Crosstour ease Rob and Jen's travels? Maybe not, but "Instruments" promises to make it cool trying. 

Photo credit: Car and Driver


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