Mahou and Humana: Telling truth through tricks

Two visually powerful ads here. The first for Mahou Premium Light escorts you back to "Singing in the Rain" and even gives Technotronics a 50s makeover. The second for Humana animates your donation to the poor.

The Humana (site is in Dutch) spot provided a great object lesson for my five- and eight-year olds about giving.

In both cases, I think the special effects highlight the products' value without inflating it - unlike this Coke commercial. Agree or disagree?


Marcus Goodyear April 8, 2009 at 3:53 PM  

Hmmm. Well, I enjoyed both of these ads. But I don't see how they are different from the Coke ad.

One claims if I drink their light beer, I'll get a pretty girl and a room that spins until I can dance on the ceiling, pour my beer upside down, and place my commercial logo upsidedown too.

It doesn't say the purpose of life is to be happy, but it certainly implies that this product will make you happy.

The Humana one is brilliant, but it also strikes me the same way as the Coke commercial. According to this commercial, I don't have to worry about helping poor nations as long as I give them my old clothes. Let the old clothes do the dirty work.

That said, I like all three commercials. None of them offend me. None of them seem appropriately deceptive. They just seem like good, uplifting commercials.

Maybe I'm naive?

Sam Van Eman April 9, 2009 at 1:27 PM  

Thanks, Marcus. It's funny how the Coke ad makes me FEEL the most, yet I see it as having the least connection of the three with its story line.

I agree with you about the light beer points (I'd love to walk on the ceiling!), but dancing on the ceiling conveys something about the beer. It's lighter.

Similarly, the mobile clothing conveys something about the value of giving clothes. It actually does something for people.

Coke tastes good and I might have it a party with fun friends, but the story doesn't tell anything about the value of Coke. The ad merely injects Coke into a good story.

For some reason, that bugs me.

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