Commercializing serious ideas: Part 2

This XBOX 360 commercial, "Jump Rope," won the ADDY Award for Best in Show in 2006 for McCann SanFrancisco. It's simply magical.

However, it contains an irony that is manifested in the print ad below by the CDC.

"Give your thumbs a rest. Play for real," states the CDC.

Using the terms of my last post, "Jump Rope" displays the serious idea of health, but trivializes it by associating health with a product that demands nothing more than sitting on the couch. Now, I know the intent of "Jump Rope" wasn't to encourage exercise or fight obesity. In fact, Mark Tutssel, Chairman of the 2006 ADDY Awards, said this commercial "metaphorically captures the excitement and social aspect of the new generation X Box 360." But if actual jump ropes were being sold, the irony would, of course, disappear.

Getting rid of this irony may seem inconsequential, but I think it helps us be more truthful in advertising. Again, as E. J. Park says, "[T]he logic of commercialism must take a backseat to the logic of revelation. We must ask, 'How should serious ideas and realities be revealed?'"


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