"But what about...?"

On the topic of faux, so many questions start with these words.

"But what about replica paintings, especially when people can't afford the originals?"
"But what about vinyl flooring, especially when the marble print complements a kitchen?"

This three-word phrase indicates curiosity. But not in some trivial way. When it comes to faux products, regardless of what purpose they serve, the element of simulation is a genuinely difficult one for marketing students to get around.

As kids, it was hammered into our heads not to lie. In relationships, we're convinced that being "real" about our feelings is much better than pretending that all's well. Regarding public appearance, individual expression is valued because then it's Me being Me (Does anybody actually like being a Poser?).

We believe that genuine is inherently better, but there are faux versions of practically every genuine product, and their allure and accessibility make them quite profitable. Does "But what about..." appear when the possibility of profit and success runs into our broader misgivings about being false?

These thoughts have come from several stimulating conversations with marketing classes in the past week or so. I'll share more soon.


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